June 4th

We arrived early at Ezeiza Airport. Argentinians seem to be warm and charming people. The man in charge of baggage claim wasn’t so friendly though. I realised my luggage had been opened. I know, it must have been security protocol. No, wrong answer: They afanaron everything!

June 5th

I decided to have a walk alongside 9 of July Parkway. It is said to be the widest avenue in the World. What a beauty! By noon, I went to a parrilla. The Chorizo steak was amazing. However, there was no credit card available to pay. What a pity! Yet, a kind gentleman took my dollars and gave me enough pesos to pay. Argentinians are such helpful people!

Later that day, I took a walk in Florida, a pedestrian street full of shops. Oddly, people kept on screaming “troco” all the time. Although it appeared to be a silly game, I joined them to avoid being left behind and screamed troco with them. However, it ought to be considered a bad word, as a patota came and kicked my ass.

June 6th

Recoleta neighbourhood is the most beautiful area in Buenos Aires. Actually, porteños are friendlier than anywhere around that place. One of them called me eameo, which means “hey, dude”. After that, he said something else and ran away. Apparently, he offered to carry my bag for the day and would bring it to me that night. I couldn’t find him in the hotel though. The manager explained to me that “dame todo wacho” means gimme all bitch and everything made sense.

June 7th

I rented a car to go to Tiger, a northern town with beautiful canals. On the way back, I realised that Panamericana highway was blocked by a group of piqueteros. Yet, the police did nothing. How could that be possible? There must have been a confusion, so I jumped out of the car to kindly ask the piqueteros to move aside.

June 8th

Argentinean hospitals are the best. After the little misunderstanding with the muchachos of the piquete, I had my arm broken. Yet, I could still walk smoothly around, so I walked to the airport and ran away of this country de locos.

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